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Do you want a regular supply of your favourite magazines - for pennies on the dollar?

How many magazines do you buy every month?

american salon magazineAre you one of those people who spends hours browsing through magazines in the shop?

Even if you are, I bet you have a favourite magazine that you buy every week, month, etc. And I also bet that you have never considered buying it online. Well did you know that you are THROWING money away...?

With magazine subscriptions, you have the power of trusted information available to you on a regular basis, keeping you updated with advice and developments on every subject from hair and beauty to fashion, to parenting to motorcycles. These magazines explore a wide range of topics concerning your favourite subject and have millions of readers, who, like you, are passionate about that topic.

You will find a world of interesting and useful information between the covers of the right magazines. Magazine subscriptions are also the ideal way to ensure you get access to a world of experts on your area of interest.

And - even better - online subscriptions give you an even bigger advantage. Most magazines pass on massive discounts to those who register online via magazine subscription websites, for example here a a few fantastic bargains I've found on Internet magazine subscriptions:

12month subscription to:

Hype Hair magazineHype Hair = $27
Cover price = $40.50 = 33% DISCOUNT

Celebrity hairstyles magazineCelebrity Hairstyles = $19.97
Cover price = $39.60 = 50% DISCOUNT

american salon magazineAmerican Salon = $29.95
Cover price = $47.40 = 36% DISCOUNT

cosmopolitan magazineCosmopolitan = $18.00
Cover price = $51.48 = 65% DISCOUNT

..and, if for example, you have a passion for photography, a 12-month subscription to:

American photo magazineAmerican Photo = $21.00
Cover price = $51.98 = 64% DISCOUNT

Why such big magazine discounts?

Simple really, magazine publishers know this is a much more cost-effective way to gain new customers. So everyone wins!

There are several good magazine subscription resources online. Most of these sites offer similar discounts on individual magazines, but you need to be careful; some have better selections of magazines, are easier to use, or offer better customer service than others.

After testing all these factors, we have found 2 great resources:

RECOMMENDED MAGAZINE SITE 1: MAGAZINES.COM has a range of over 1,500 magazines available, many of which are delivered internationally. They also have an easy-to-use site and a great customer service record., Inc.

Here are some of the comments from customers:

"Thanks for your prompt response! I called and gave the representative my current card information and renewed both issues and also purchased a new subscription. The young lady I spoke to was very professional, serviced my problem quickly and was very courteous." - Joseph, Metairie, LA

"Thank you, Jackie, for the written cancellation confirmation and for your courteous handling of my request. I am also a customer service specialist and have great appreciation for good customer service!" - Rick, Vancouver, WA

"I love for many reasons but, the biggest reason is their great deals. It is a great place to get great deals. If anyone asks me where to get magazines, would be my answer!" - Will, Hendersonville, TN

"I had never ordered a magazine subscription online before but I thought I would take a chance with I ordered my husband a subscription & I ordered another one for myself. I was not really pleased with my magazine & I called to cancel my subscription because your service said 100% satisfaction. I was very surprised when they told me "NO PROBLEM". My account was credited RIGHT AWAY & I never received any telephone marketers trying to sell me something else. This is one of the reasons I am pleased with your outstanding service & would not hesitate to order from you again." - D.R.

So if you have a favourite hairstyle or hair care magazine that you buy regularly, or if you are want to find a magazine on any other favourite subject, go to MAGAZINES.COM.

...and if you cant find what you're looking for, try:


Yes, its good old Amazon! Did you know they have an extensive magzine subscription service, where you can get some incredible deals on a host of your favourite hairstyle (and other) magazines?

You already know the wonderful reputation of Amazon, so to sample their extensive selection of magazines, just go to AMAZON MAGAZINES.


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