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United Arab Emirates Is The Fastest Growing Fragrance Market

There are literally thousands upon thousands of fragrances all around the world. Some mild, some strong, some new and some old.  Perfume fragrances have been sourced from every continent on earth but the biggest markets tend to be in the west.   The higher disposable income and fashion culture has meant that western society has largely dominated sales but this may be set to change.Those companies who are heavily invested in the market have been heading towards the Arab States however, as there have been some very promising sales of late

The whole market is doing well at the moment, with many reports suggesting it will reach, by 2010, a total worth of around $30 billion. The Arabian Peninsula is currently responsible for around $270 million of this but the rate of growth is much higher than other countries. For example, total sales last year were up around 15 percent.

The staggering growth in the market, shared with Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, has been put down to increased money in the area and a differing way of life.fragrance usage has always been abundant in Arab areas. In Saudi Arabia for example, around 85% of women use scents every day. However, the types of fragrance have changed, with more exclusive parfum brands replacing the more traditional products. On top of this, male fragrances have seen a jump in sales recently and the variety of scents that men purchase is also on the up.

The step up in market activity in the region has led to a few of the big players looking for a piece of the action and a number o high quality trade shows being established. Beautyworld is the next large event to take place in the Middle East, which happens to be among the top 4 biggest shows of its kind. This year will see an 18% increase in visitors and around 900 exhibitors, showing more than 1,500 brands. Next years show is already in the planning stages as those in charge suggest that the increase in numbers will only keep going

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