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Great Information About Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

hair extensionsHair extensions are very popular and can look very nice on the right person. They are a great choice if you have very thin hair, or if you have very short hair that grows very slowly. Extensions can look wonderful if they are put in correctly, however if they are not done professionally they have a tendency to fall out. Make sure that you get your extensions put in by a qualified professional.

Excessive perms can be damaging to coarse hair. Because of this, extensions are becoming increasingly popular among African American women. Human hair comes in several textures and several brands are marked specifically for African American women. Choosing a brand can be a difficult task. You might want to go to your local beauty supply store so you can look at and feel several different brands. This will help you decide which brand is best for you.

Types of hair extensions

Hair extensions are done differently depending on who is putting the extensions in. One way to do them is to sew the extensions into cornrows. Often times this is often called a weave.

Sometimes extensions are braided into the hair. This can be tricky and costly. Since it is such a tricky process it is best that the braiding is done by a trained professional.

Some extensions such as I-tips can be glued into the hair. These types of pretipped hair extensions require a special heating iron tool to apply.

Clip on extensions are making a comeback. This is because of the rising cost of having extensions done professionally. You can buy clip on extensions at a beauty supply store. These extensions are easy to use. You just clip them into your hair. There also other hair accessories on the market that are made to look like extensions. Take a look around your favorite accessory store. You are sure to find headbands, clips and bows with fake hair attached to them.

In some cased it may be hard to match these synthetic hair extensions to your hair. If your hair is black then you should have no problems. Blonds shouldn’t have too tough of a time, because there are many different colors in the blond spectrum. Redheads will have a tougher time finding an accessory the same color as their hair. If you really want to be able to wear fake hair accessories in your hair you might consider coloring your hair a color that is easier to match. If coloring is not an option for you, try visiting a wig shop. They may have a larger selection of color for their hair accessories.

Hairstyle magazines are great for keeping updated on the latest fashions for hair. There are also numerous forums online about hair trends and how to create the latest styles. These boards are also a great place to look for more information about hair extensions and which ones will be best for you. Remember that when it comes to hair it is always best to consult with a trained hair professional before doing anything drastic.

More info on hair extensions

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  1. Sheila says:

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  2. I appreciate this post it was very helpful! If your hair is black then you should have no problems. Blonds shouldn’t have too tough of a time, because there are many different colors in the blond spectrum.Hair Extensions

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    Thanks for the article… helped alot… and now I have been buying my afro hair extensions from and they are great!!!… Delivered to your door anywhere in the UK and worldwide.

    Hair Extensions

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