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What You Should Never Do When Getting A New Hairstyle

Do you want to acquire a new hair do? STOP — don’t get one yet… do not get one unless you read these pointers as advised by well-known celeb hair stylist and professional Ken Paves.

DO say to the stylist to provide you a cut that will complement your hair’s natural feel. It is key in order that you should correctly take care of the coiffure. With regards to retaining whatever style, go with products that are abundant in Moroccan hair oil since these products and solutions can definitely bring out hair’s natural beauty.

DO NOT believe that looking after your new “do” is definitely the just like keeping the old “do”. Every coiffure requires its own specific care and all, so it might suggest that you could end up acquiring a new set of hair products and solutions right after you have a new “do”.

DO take into account to have an open mind if going to the salon for a hair facelift. There are really people who are never open to suggestions given by the hair authorities, and this beats the purpose of going to the salon to get experts to work with you. The individuals there are the authorities, and these pros really know very well what they are doing.

DO NOT demand for the cut you’d like in the event the hair dresser will tell you that it will not do the job. Bear in mind if the cut looks great on someone else, do not believe that it will look precisely the same on you with there being several factors that should be considered.

DO consider the type of the face. Ask your hair dresser to offer you a cut that could accentuate your attributes and hide your flaws. You certainly wouldn’t like to wind up the opposite way round.

DO NOT think that a hairstyle which looks great on someone else may look great on you too. Take note that people have different facial shapes and it’s really important to complement a cut that matches the shape of your face.

DO consider your natural skin tone before choosing to add any color to your hair. Keep in mind the guideline — never go two levels or tones higher or lower than your hair’s natural shade.

Lastly, DO NOT go ostentatious with the dyes. Aside from looking out of this world, overdoing the color can harm the hair since it dries it up. This is exactly why it is recommended for individuals that use hair color to properly attend to their tresses.

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