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Hair and Beauty 101

There is certainly a great deal of knowledge that entails the subject of hair and beauty. Whoever you are and what lifestyle you are into, hair and beauty is always an important issue, something that you would constantly want to be aware of so that you can keep yourself looking young and beautiful. With the wide horizon of facts about hair and beauty, here are several tips in particular that will help you maximize your true potentials.

Determining Skin Tone

Of all the many things that have to be said and done about hair and beauty, one of the major concerns would be determining your skin tone, and this is deemed to be vital for several reasons.

For one, knowing your skin tone could help you choose what hair color would look best on you. Aside from that, determining your skin tone is beneficial in creating an unspoiled wardrobe, with clothes that are in hues appropriate for your complexion.

In figuring out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, here are a few things that you should bear in mind. If your eyes are deep brown or black-brown, gray blue or dark blue, hazel with white or blue specks, or your hair is blue black, deepest coffee brown, medium ash brown, medium golden brown, dishwater blonde or salt and pepper, you are considered as being a cool tone.

People with cool skin tone should avoid wearing warm tones or shades in your clothes or in your hair, such as gold, yellow, red and bronze tones in hair color. With these sorts of colors you would end up looking sallow and drawn.

You are then considered as having a warm skin tone if your eyes are in shades of golden brown, green, green blue or turquoise, or if your hair is deep brown with gold or red highlights, red, strawberry blonde, gray with a yellow cast, or natural golden blonde.

Keep in mind that whenever you would determine your skin tone or someone else’s skin tones by means of hair color, only consider the natural hair color and not the color that your hair may be dyed at the time.

After knowing the basics of skin tone in your hair color, the next thing to take into consideration is to understand the natural pigment of your hair, and learning about complimentary colors.

With just the subject of hair and beauty, you are sure to get your brain pumped up with all the information that could certainly help enrich your lifestyle and above all your total well-being.

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