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Black Braided Hairstyles

15 May 2009 - 09:12 - admin
black braided hairstylesBlack braided hairstyles offer a wonderful opportunity to display a unique style to the world. From wavy braids, to cross rows, triangular braids, x rows and maze rows, there is always a new twist (no pun intended) that can be added to braids.

Cornrow braids are becoming an increasing popular, natural choice for grooming African origin hair, both for men and women.  Promoted by popular celebrities, such as Allen Iverson and Alicia Keys, black braided hairstyles offer incredibly versatile and offer limitless ways to be creative with intricate design patterns.
Braiding is a really effective way to manage long, unruly locks while still keeping the length. Using cornrow braids enables hair to be worn long without the requirements for chemical straightening or mechanical straightening tools. It’s also very low maintenance, making this hairstyle perfect for vacations; braids have a very easygoing, carefree vibe that is perfect for the hot summer days.
Braiding and black braided hairstyles have actually been around for centuries, but really became popular in the Western world during the Black is Beautiful movement in the 1960s. The style then became popular amongst non-Blacks when the iconic Bo Derek cornrow braids appeared in the movie “10” in 1979.  In truth, the movie only reflected a popular pastime amongst female holiday makers in holiday destinations such as the Caribbean, where hair braiding is always an in-demand service on offer from local stylists.

The braiding of hair close to the scalp is a skill that anyone can learn.  However, it is a difficult skill and badly braided hair can look really messy.  Mastering the art of hair braiding requires a lot of time, patience and practice.  That’s why it’s always wise to use a professional hairstylist who is experienced in braiding hair, if you want to achieve the correct look.
Do your research on cornrow patterns, get advice on the right products and maintenance and – most important – be prepared to sit still for several hours, if you want to achieve your own version of black braided hairstyles.

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